<English ver>

G-World 9th


We started G-world to offer a casual place to hang out and speak English.

This’s the 9th event!

We hold these events once a month to do some activities together!

On G-world in December,

This month’s theme will be “High school students and Australia”.

We plan to sing a Christmas song with you guys and have some discussion with high school students!

At the end of the event, we will have some presentation about Australia🐨


If you’re interested in learning English, studying or traveling abroad, we hope this will be a chance for you to use more English!

Check this out to learn overseas mindset and culture!

“I can’t speak English😭”

Do you worry if your English skills aren’t good enough?

There’s no need to do so! Our staff members will be there to help with any words or phrases you don’t know!

Yes,you can!

You don’t have to worry about it!

We will support you to enjoy G-World!!!

We hope this can be a fun, educational experience for everyone!

Everyone in G-world are extremely kind!

Cross our school,age,nationality and find something new in yourself!!!

We look forward to seeing you!

<Event detail>

・G-World ~Language café~

・December 26 th (Sun)


・G-square event space A/B


・Max 40 in order of arrival

You can apply for QRcode,phone,mail,counter in G-square

QRcode is from here


この度は、Gスクエア主催イベント「12月G-World」に申し込みいただきありがとうございます😊 下記事項をご入力の上、送信してください😆 みんなで楽しい会にしましょう~!





We’ll welcome you with a big smile under our mask😆

If you can’t go abroad this time,You must come to G-World!!!😊😊😊

We’re waiting you in G-World!!!

<We’re prepare thorough to prevent corona>

※To avoid crowded event

・24 hours ventilation system

・Social distance

・Checking staff condition

※Requests to our customers

・Please do not enter if you feel sick and have more than 37.5 °temperature

・Please wear a mask

・Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

※This event might be prolong or canceled depending on the infection situation of corona.